Hi! I’m Michaela and I’m into art since I can think. During my 5 years at college studying architecture I learned that my heart beats for illustrating people and fashion, but I still love architecture and I sometimes incorporate it my illustrations. I’m currently based in Bulgaria, but previously lived in Germany.

Relatively new to the fashion industry, I have worked as a freelance fashion illustrator for start up fashion labels. Since 2008 I’ve published more than 100 video tutorials for fashion illustrators on YouTube, designed logos for fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs, and worked with fashion designers on creating their collections.

When I’m not in front of the camera shooting video tutorials for fashion designers or on my computer designing architecture, you can find me outside playing with our twins or reading a good book.


If you’re looking for a custom hand drawn artwork for a personal gift, a logo or a blog presentation, you can commission your own personalized illustration.  You can make it even more unique by adding an empowering phrase or motto to the final drawing.



Are you are a blogger, designer or a creative entrepreneur with a vision and need help with communicating your innovative ideas? I can help you if you’re looking for professionally drawn fashion illustrations, fashion portraits for gifts and custom covers for blogs and social media profiles.