Are you a fashion designer, blogger, marketer, online shop owner, creative entrepreneur, stylist or a business owner? If you need an experienced fashion illustrator, I can help you breathe life into your ideas. Working together, we’ll create a powerful presentation of your vision which appeal to your customers, investors and manufacturers. Here is what you can commission:

  • Fashion illustrations
  • Wedding fashion illustrations
  • Accessories, bags and shoes
  • Custom covers for blogs
  • Social media images
  • Custom Fashion portraits


As soon as you order an illustration, you can send me a description of the project with reference pictures if available. First, I’ll prepare few drafts. Then I’ll send them to you for approval. At this stage, you can make small changes, so that we ensure the illustration comes up to your expectations. Once the final illustration is finished, you will get the artwork in high-resolution – ready to be printed  and shared with the world.

  • Send me design description and reference pictures
  • I send a preview image of the illustration for approval
  • You can ask for small changes
  • You’ll get both the hand drawn illustration and a high-resolution digital file
  • Digital retouching and adjustments are free