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Are you a professional fashion designer?

No, I am an architect with passion for fashion and art. But years ago when I submitted my portfolio to several schools of architecture I applied for fashion design as well. Fate wanted me to become an architect. 🙂

How did you learn to draw like that, how did you get so good?

I learned by doing! I’ve never had a professional training in fashion sketching. When I decided to study architecture I took classes on how to make my portfolio. I drew different kind of motifs, tried several mediums. The first time I actually learned how to draw professionally was during my first year at the university. They taught us things like perspective, proportions, measuring, shape, shading, even basics in drawing portraits and the most important thing how to SEE things. One of my professors loved to say “Folks, SEE what you’re looking at!”.

How can I learn to draw like that?

First of all, you don’t have to be proficient in drawing realistic figures and fabrics to become a fashion designer. It’s the idea that counts! The key is to practice a lot, to challenge yourself by trying out new techniques and don’t be afraid to experiment, even if it ends up looking horrible! I started out as a complete beginner and just taught myself by practicing a lot! I learned fashion sketching by looking at several fashion design books for techniques, textures and materials. But the best way for me to improve was to watch carefully at pics, to analyze how fabrics, shadows and highlights fall, how textures and colors change on light etc. and to experiment with colors and mediums.

What kind of tools and media do you use?

I use various media and combine more the one -Markers, water colors, chalks, charcoal, soft pastels, liner pens and milky gel pens, even correction pen. The basic tools in my kit are a graphite or a mechanical pencil for pre-sketching, a fine liner for contouring, a white milky gel pen or corretor pen for reflections and highlights, a kneaded eraser- great for highlights and softening of too dark areas, a pencil sharpener, optional a tortillon.

Please tell me how to start my career as a fashion designer- what schools do you recommend?

I’m sorry but since I never went to school for fashion I am not qualified to give you any advice on the industry, how to become a successful designer , or which schools to attend.

Where do you live? What languages do you speak?

I’m of German -Bulgarian dual nationality and I currently live in Germany. I speak and write English, German, Bulgarian and understand a bit Spanish and Russian.

Do you use templates or do you draw the figures by yourself?

Sometimes I use templates if it’s got to be fast done, for example in tutorials where I concentrate on showing the fabric or the clothes and less the figure. But in all videos seeing me first drawing the figure and then dressing it up I drew it by my own.

Can I request a look/ an outfit / a technique?

Absolutely! Post your request using this contact form or email me in English, German or Bulgarian. And please be sure to include a photo when necessary.